Friday, June 18, 2004

Hello there,
Well I am taking a new approach to my daily life starting today, (okay so using the words daily life is a tad over the top, as i really mean my morning life)my daily life is such an exciting routine i wouldn't want to change a thing...can you sense the sarcasim?? Back to my morning changes usually I wake up get on to the computer check to see if my fate has been decided by the University of Alberta, then everyones blogs, do some pilates, go for a little walk (this was an everyday thing,but has slowly changed into an every once in a while thinggrrr, i get soooo bored walking,jogging by myself I even listen to great music but when you can't share the tunes with anyone...)eat some breakfast and then totally crash (keep in mind this is not early..oh no this is all finished around 1 and I have to work for 4:15 I mean it would sound like a nice morning if infact it was the morning, but I don't even get outta bed until 10 or so and then i wonder where my day went, and why don't i get to enjoy the sunshine more before i go to work, and blah blah blah so starting today I have changed my rountine....

I am going to check peoples blogs BEFORE I check the University website...I think that will make a big difference don't you??

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