Sunday, February 06, 2005


So I guess at work we have "secret shoppers" and no they don't go around with signs on telling us this so I guess (actually i know) that i got "secret shopped" last week and well I guess (actually again I know) I am not yet the perfect employee which is totally not fair i am still learning, they have no mercy...
I did everything right (and the list is very long) they come up with a problem and see if you try to fix it they ask questions about the store they ask about promotions etc.. and I did it all right but.... then at the end of the transaction you are supposed to thank them by last name which i just can't get used to I don't entirely feel comfortable doing this and I think (off the record) that it is silly and i don't really see how this little thing makes or breaks the sale or the fact if they want to shop at our store.. so because I did not thank them by name which i am sure by reading their receipt it was Kandismajjjkimckh with a silent C and i just felt wierd trying to figure it out, which by the way in that case you are supposed to ask "how do you say your last name it is so different" barf ... so long story short i am 0 for 1 it doesn't matter that i got an 8 out of 10 i didn't pass so i am 0 for 1 which my supervisor informed me of this afternoon....
Now a normal person would be like oh well it is a part-time job i won't be there forever....but aaahhh i can't handle having a zero attached to my name and if i don't get "shopped" again for a long time then the zero will not leave until 2006 and last time i checked that is a long time from people zero.... don't like it not one bit.
I want to call the shopper and ask him his last (it is too late)


Anonymous said...

That is terrible! I certainly don't think you are a zero. If that's what gives you a zero, then they are seriously on Crack! Who cares if you say someones name? personally it freaks me out when someone says my name that I don't know. Plus some people get all offended if you say their name wrong, or say miss instead of missus, or say mr instead of missus for that matter (haha). So does that mean if you basically tossed their groceries in the bag, ripped the money out of their hard, called them an asshole, and said don't fuckin shop at this store ever again Mr Kamajjhylacazi. You'd pass?

Amy said...

Tan that's retarded. you gotta know its retarded for them to be all about the last names. IT is just an idea that somebody had and your store policy makers thought, "Hey, this is a great thing" which is what happens with people when they are trying so desperately to offer the best service. Just let it go. If it was something that mattered to you or you knew you hurt someones feelings it would be different.
To me, you will never be a zero.

Jenn G said...

Hi Tanny!

Okay, so I know that it took me a long time to get on here but here I am and I apologize! This blog thing is really neat and your stories and so great. Don't worry about the mystery shopper. Think about what a weird and lonely job that might be for that person! I am sure that the things that mattered were awesome on your report! There is tons happening right now. I am teaching a computer course and I have a website for it! It is kind of boring, but cool to look at. Here is the site:
Send me a line at school if you find a sec! Hope all is great! Lots of love,
Jenn :)

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