Tuesday, February 01, 2005

you know what momma if i helped it would go so much faster
don'tcha think ma don'tcha it would be so fast we would zoom zoom
I betcha if i put the pudden in the bag it would make it fast fast
I would be a big boy, I am four I can help i can make this fast fast
"yeah babe your a big guy and you help me all the time"
don'tcha think i should help ma, I betsa if i helps then i can get a treat
can i mom can i have a treat if i help... i am a big boy i can load groceries super fast..

and this is how the story continues for about ten more minutes as i quietly sit back and watch the big boy discuss his super helping powers, and they walk out hand in hand with the little guy never lifting a finger......but he sure did talk about helping!!!

see working at a grocery store can make you smile:)


Amy said...

Love this little guy!
Tan you gotta write more grocery store snippets down. I love this stuff.

Jenn said...

Yes tan more grocery store snippets, i bet you see some halarious stuff... and soem very grummpy people, so come here and make fun... I miss you thanks for calling, i will be home sunday night!! lotsa love