Sunday, May 08, 2005

Happy Mothers Day Miss Nancy K!!!

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There is a bond between mother and daughter
made up of loving memories they share
When I was growing up you wanted what was best for me
and though some years were difficult (i was a terrible two for twenty years..)
I keep as treasured memories, your gift of knowing how to dream,
of laughter, warmth and fun.

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But what means even more to me,
is how we understand each other
knowing we can see things
through no matter what life sends
I guess that is why when I think of us,
I think of us as friends....
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I love you Mom and I hope you have a great day
I miss you:)
** Happy Mothers Day to all those Great Moms out there cherish your special day!!


Trace said...

Tan - you are so sweet, I could put you in my tea right now!

love ya,

Bente said...

That's very nice Tanya. I don't think my mother even reads mine, so I didn't bother putting a message up. How do you get the photos to go on that size?

Bente said...

And how do you get photos throughout the post like know instead of just at the top or bottom. I can't figure it out.

Amy said...

What a gorgeous poem! Great post.

Happy Mother's Day to Nance!