Thursday, June 23, 2005

Well aren't you guys all in for a little treat....ha ha

My friend from work Chantal and I both really like photography and lately we have been discussing taking a course to further our knowledge (which I can only speak for myself but it is very little) so we were talking at work and Tedd another member of the Wally World team is a photographer who thought it would be great for us to come over and learn some new things.. I met them today at work and we went to his house from there and wow... what a great experience he knows alot and pretty much everything went over my head for the first bit but then he showed us lighting and how to change the angle and what to look for yada yada yada he also has the coveted Nikon D70 so that was exciting as well here are some shots as yes we were the models hey you gotta start somewhere...

Notice the light on one side of my face we used an emergency blanket (the shiny kind) and a flash that interlocks with the flash of the camera..

Chantal got a new cowboy hat for stampede and thought she would try it out.... I will show noone the picture of me doing the same!!
I leave for Halifax in one more sleep!!! YAy (actually two cause I should sleep tonight whoops)


Amy said...

You look gorgeous! Very impressive.

jennifer said...

love you in this picture - you look great tania!
if only grandma sloan could see those cheekbones "ah, lovely".

Trace said...

Beautiful photo of you Tan!! You're stunning!

Can't wait to see you, one more sleep. sweet.

Tania said...

wow thanks for the great comments guys!! I'm blushing:)

Bente said...

What a pretty photo of you Tania! And I'm so jealous you get to go to Halifax.